Masraf Al Rayan is a Qatar-based Islamic bank providing banking, financial, investment and brokerage services throughout Qatar. The Bank was incorporated in January 2006 and is licensed by Qatar Central Bank.  Masraf Al Rayan is the second largest Islamic bank in Qatar by market value. Its structure consists of three main business divisions: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking and Private Banking. 
Masraf Al Rayan is listed on the Qatar Exchange and its top 20 shareholders are blue chips in the Qatar investment, corporate and high net worth community.
Website - Situation Analysis
When we began developing the website, we created a thorough form for each of the old design's flaws in order to make the new design distinct and easy to use and access information. The first thing we did was research and prompt the existing user. We are working on remedies to the previous design's issues. The first point to mention is the user interface. It is ancient and does not keep up with the times and technological changes, so we worked on the design to make it easy to use and acceptable for people of all ages. The most essential thing we kept in mind was that when you use the site, you feel protected and not bored.

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