Asseta uses innovative solutions based on the latest technologies, including statistical models and big data tools, to recover receivables from debtors. The brand has been operating since 2004 and, as Asseta S.A., it has handled over a million cases, with the value of recovered assets of nearly PLN 15 billion. The company directly employs almost 300 people. 

As they say about themselves, "We believe that technology, full commitment and continuous development will allow us to achieve our goal to become the most effective company in the sector".
Credits & Scope of work: 
Mateusz Pałka:
‣ Creative director 
‣ Analysis 
‣ Logo design
‣ Visual strategy 
‣ Communication strategy
‣ Poster design
‣ Brandbook 
‣ Design of identification elements 
‣ Animations 
‣ Website design
Alan Kamiński
‣ Poster design
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